TMI Irrigation Solutions has been delivering professional turnkey services to the South African Irrigation Industry since 1999.
We specialize in the Design, Supply and Installation of our various products, whether it is Irrigation, Aeration, Pump Stations or Landscape Lighting, our trained Technical Staff in Cape Town and Johannesburg will get the job done.
Irrigation Services

Hunter Irrigation

The TMI group has a range of Hunter Irrigation solutions which are made by Hunter Industries, the leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment for the South African Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Sport and Institutional, Golf and Agricultural industries.

Hunter produces pop-up gear-driven rotors, spray sprinklers, valves, controllers, central controllers and weather sensors. Hunter prides itself in innovation that has allowed them to lead the charge in water-saving technologies.

Irrigation Services

Senninger Irrigation

The main goal of any irrigation system is to ensure maximum growth in early years, which promotes healthy root development and maximum production of adequately sized crops. The amount of water a plant needs varies with size, climatic conditions, and other factors.

Factors such as soil type, tree type, planting density, water quality, and operating costs will all determine which irrigation system will be ideal for your unique setup, but Senninger® has multiple options available for micro and sprinkler irrigation.

Aeration & Fountain Services

Otterbine Barebo

Our solutions are suitable for a variety of applications including Commercial, Residential, Municipal, and Industrial needs. We help a variety of clients with water quality management which is important for the environment, turf quality, irrigation and aesthetics of any golf course, park, commercial or residential property.

We use Otterbine solutions to both manage the quality of water and beautify any water body. Our aeration systems are designed to maintain healthy lakes, ponds and dams by maintaining ecological balance leading to avoid build-up of algae, bad smells and unattractive water bodies.

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After graduating with a Food Science degree from California Polytechnic University, in San Luis Obisbo, California, I had the good fortune to work for a food machinery company that I learned a lot from. I traveled all over the world for visiting. 

From humble beginnings, we started selling three SKU’s, mainly California canned fruits…then we introduced to the Middle East a quality canned Fava Beans from California.

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Our expertise covers every aspect of garden maintenance. We know how to handle hedge trimming and pruning and we are masters of weed termination control. Our team can help you to build up a lawn from scratch, while our lawn maintenance can ensure that your lawn stays that way.


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