Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation

Irrigation is the installed application of water supplied to land for the purpose of agricultural production on farms. An effective irrigation system will influence the entire growth process from soil preparation, germination, root growth, effective use of nutrient, plant growth and regrowth, yield and substantially quality.

The answer to maximizing irrigation efforts is uniformity. The farmer has a lot of influence over how much water to supply and would have set a timer to apply it but the irrigation system determines uniformity and proper constancy. Determining which irrigation systems is best for your project, requires you to know the different types of systems and equipment, system design and layout, plant species, growth stage, root structure, soil composition, and land formation e.g. mountains, hills, erosion of soil etc. Irrigation systems generally support plant development while minimizing salt imbalances, leaf burns, soil erosion, and water loss. Water loss will occur due to evaporation, wind drift, run-off or water sinking deep below the roots.

Irrigation Scheduling

Scheduling Irrigation is the setting up of time for use, by which the farmer determines the timing and quantity of water to be used on the crop or produce. The tough part is to estimate produces water requirements for the different stages of growth and changes in weather conditions.

To prevent over or under watering schedules, it is crucial to know how much water is available to the plant from the soil, and how efficiently the crop can use it.


Under-watered crop can have a bad effect on your pocket as the crop will be reduced in size and the overall quality of the crop could take it from an “A Grade” to a “C Grade” which the market will pay less for. Each growth stage of the produce should be monitored correctly and scheduled watering should be on point.


Over-watering crop can lead to erosion or cause runoff. The soil can only hold a certain amount of water and when over-watered it can compact the soil and this could reduce the amount of oxygen in the soil. Cost for pumps and over use of water will have a bad effect on the pocket and in the end reduce profits.

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