TMI Aeration Solutions

Have you ever looked at your lake, pond or dam and saw nothing but potential but didn’t know where to start? The water is just green with algae everywhere and your local birds have made it a no-fly zone?

What you may need is some aeration! But why stop at just the aerator?

You should throw in a beautiful water feature while you are at it and enhance the aesthetic of your landscape! Thanks to TMI Solutions and Otterbine Barebo aerating fountains you can kill those 2 birds with one stone.

Of course, don’t kill the birds flocking to your new and improved pond, dam, or lake.

What Do Otterbine Aerating Fountains Do?

In a nutshell, they create beautiful, decorative water patterns while simultaneously aerating the water they spray. As a fountain, you can choose from a number of decorative spray formations to enhance the look of your pond, dam or lake.

They come in different sizes, allowing you to use them for any purpose including homes, office spaces, public parks, golf courses and other recreational areas.

As an aerator, it promotes oxygen circulation within your water, reducing the amount of bad bacteria and algae while promoting the growth of flora and fauna. In this way, pond aerators blend function and style, saving you on both installation and running costs.

Lake, Dam and Pond Aerators

Aerating fountains come in various sizes and spray patterns that make them ideal for any water body. TMI Solutions has the capacity to carry your project from start to finish to ensure the end result is exactly what you needed, both in style and functionality.

Our experienced team, that brings 21+ years to the table has the capacity to, Design and ManageInstallRepair and Maintain as well as provide Technical Support and Training for your aeration project, whatever the size.

Whether you have a complete or partial idea of what you want to achieve or you are just tired from the green water in your property, we have the team to get the birds singing and the fish swimming in your waters again.

What Size Will You Need?

We encourage you to consider both functionality and style when picking the size of your fountain. Too small a fountain may not provide sufficient aeration for your needs, while too large a fountain may be unnecessarily expensive to run.

Therefore, the biggest consideration when we pick the size of the aerating fountain is the volume of the water.

It does get quite technical when factors such as the required circulation rate are considered, but our experienced staff at TMI Solutions have the expertise to guide you through this.

Is An Aerating Fountain Enough?

As a tool that does everything, you may be tempted to believe that an aerating fountain may not be enough to achieve either function, but you’d be wrong. An aerating fountain is not a jack-of-all-trades that attempts to achieve everything, but a Swiss army knife of landscape excellence designed specifically to achieve both those functions.

While, in general, fountains will tend to aerate your water by circulating it, an aerating fountain is specifically designed to oxygenate the water for improved results.

Each functional element is considered separately, an aerator for aeration and a fountain for aesthetics and the results are a sight to behold.

How Much Will An Aerating Fountain Cost Me?

You can get in touch with one of our very helpful staff members and we’ll help you establish a budget, but we can guarantee you the most affordable prices around. We pride ourselves in sustainability; so when you build your aeration project through us, it will be affordable not just to install but to run as well.

We get all our products and spares directly from the supplier, at discounted prices, and we pass that value to you with our own discounts. Also, we can blend your fountain and aeration needs with our other products to make the resulting package even cheaper to install.

So whether you are looking at irrigation solutionspump solutions or some landscape lighting, talk to us about aeration and we can get you started with great solutions!

How Can TMI Solutions Help Me?

TMI Solutions is a registered distributor of Otterbine Barebo aerating fountains. When you access our exceptional aeration solutions, you get the benefits of working directly with the brand that has been producing aerating fountains since 1952.

This includes, but is not limited to, up to 5-year warranties, superior product design, comprehensive product specs and manuals, superior product support, and market leading pond, dam, and lake aeration technologies. Otterbine promises you the Otterbine difference, and TMI Solutions does not skimp on it.