TMI Pump Solutions

TMI Solutions has the expertise to bring you comprehensive, tailor-made, and turnkey pump systems for all your projects. We are partners with some of the biggest pump brands in the world including DAB Water Technology, Leo Pumps, and Vansan Pumps.

Like everything at TMI Solutions, our pump systems are designed for efficiency and sustainability. We build our pump systems to be affordable to install, run, maintain, repair, and replace.

We have the expertise to carry your project from start to completion, from planning all the way to project management, maintenance, repairs, system management as well as training and technical support for your team.

All our pump systems are tailor-made, built to meet the specific needs of your project. We build solutions related to our irrigation and aeration services, as well as solutions for any stand-alone projects you may have. TMI Solutions specializes in the following pump systems:

Booster Pump System

Booster pumps are designed to improve flow rates by increasing the pressure of a liquid. Booster pumps work much like a fan with blades that draw water in and pump it out at increased pressure using centrifugal force.

Our pressure booster systems are automated to boost pressure at the outlet valve when a tap is opened, saving energy and running costs by avoiding the need for the pump system to continuously run even when not needed.

A control switch system is installed with the plant to protect it from overloading because of continuously switching on and off. Booster systems have several uses, including:

  1. Residential water supply to multi-story residential complexes.
  2. Commercial high-rise buildings that have to deliver water at high altitudes.
  3. Maintaining pressure in hotels, resorts and other hospitality establishments with large water demand.
  4. Municipal pump stations that are built to pump water over long distances.
  5. Rainwater harvesting and irrigation applications.
  6. Multiple commercial establishments that need large quantities of water at high pressure for health, sanitation, and fire safety.

Solar Pump System

TMI Solutions provides clients with electrical pumps connected to solar pumps for cost-effective pump set-up and sustainability. In addition to doing your part for the environment, with a solar pump system, you’ll ensure your pumping needs continue to be met even in the absence of electricity. This is important to consider, as South Africa’s electricity supply is becoming less and less reliable.


Additionally, solar pump systems are ideal where an electrical connection is not readily available, especially with external features such as fountains and aerators. We have also been able to give our clients a lot of value through tailored combinations of irrigation projects and solar pump systems.


The value not only includes a reliable irrigation setup but also significantly reduced running costs. At TMI solutions, we pride ourselves on the most affordable solar pump solution for any price point. While solar pumps systems carry the disadvantages of the high cost of initial investment, when you consider running, maintenance and replacement cost, they make up for this initial outlay.

Borehole Pump System

A borehole water pump system is used to directly connect your underground water table to surface taps. This water can be used for various purposes including irrigation, garden sprinklers and waste management. Some popular borehole pump systems include: borehole pump to tap, borehole pump to irrigation, borehole pump to tank, and borehole pump to the house. TMI Solutions is a partner of Ebara, a brand that has been delivering an impressive range of borehole pump solutions since 2012. Through our partnerships, we build our clients pump solutions that are cost-effective to run and can stand the test of time.

Submersible Pump System

Submersible pump systems are immersible into the liquid being pumped, which makes them ideal for certain applications including borehole pumps, sump pumps, drainage in floods, sewerage pumping, emptying ponds or even as pond filters.

In a nutshell, submersible pumps allow for moving water from a lower surface upward. They are designed to push the water up to the surface in a very efficient way.

Wellpoint Pump System

A wellpoint de-watering system is designed to lower groundwater levels. Particularly in construction applications. Wellpoint pump systems usually consist of a series of wells linked by an overhead pipe connected to a central pump system to draw out the liquids.

For this reason, wellpoint systems are sometimes referred to as horizontal de-watering systems. TMI Solutions helps clients with several wellpoint system configurations, suited specifically to their needs.


Our systems are not only affordable and well suited to client needs, but are also very easy to maintain for the duration of your project. Our wellpoint systems use industry-leading pumps that can handle intermittent water flow and large amounts of air.

In addition, because best practices require wellpoint systems to run continuously until the completion of a project, we use only pump systems that can handle the strain of such intensive use

Ultimately, the right pump for any job depends on your individual needs. At TMI Solutions, we are a supplier of choice because we combine the expertise of our team, the experience from our past projects and the technological prowess of our partners to give you solutions that work every time, at scale, affordably and sustainably.

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