Irrigation & Soil Productivity

Irrigation & Soil Productivity

Usually, the value of land is affected largely by the soil productivity. A streamlined way to examine land values is to assume that the higher the soil’s productivity, the higher the land’s value. Irrigation is a way to balance the value and make land with lower soil productivity more valuable. Irrigation is the process of artificially watering crops in order to allow them to grow when rainfall is scarce. This is particularly important in times of drought. The ability to water the crops will allow them to grow regardless of rainfall. With the assurance of water, yields are extraordinarily consistent on land with irrigation.

Water Sources

Irrigation can be achieved through the utilization of water sources that are near the property. The point of dwindling returns can be reached speedily when attempting to transport water over long distances, so the source ought to be near the land. When a river or stream is near, a pump will take water straight from that water source. When no body of water is near, however, a well may need to be dug. The water is then pumped up and showered onto the land.

Drought & Dry Laws

Regions and provinces that experience long periods of drought and are historically dry have laws that monitor the amount of water a farmer can use for irrigation purposes. In various areas in South Africa, irrigation is not always closely monitored. Since water is almost always an abundant resource here, there is no reason to place restrictions on it.

Soils that normally don’t retain moisture well are perfect nominees for irrigation. Due to their tendency to dry out after a rain, they profit greatly from a controlled, reliable water source. Providing water will more likely allow these poorer soils to produce yields as efficiently as higher quality soils.

The Importance of Irrigation for Seed Crops

Irrigation is especially important for growing seed crops. A poor yield can mean a limited supply of seed for the following year. Irrigation helps ensure that land dedicated to seed crops will produce high-quality yields.

TurfManzi Irrigation has seen an increase in interest for irrigation. On the right land, irrigation is a great choice. Still, not all land will benefit from the introduction of an irrigation system. There are many factors to consider such as the actual improvement in yield that is likely to occur. The layout of the land is another issue. Since the most common irrigators are pivot systems that rotate in a full or partial circle, there needs to be an unobstructed area in which the system can move.

The initial investment in a high-quality irrigation system is substantial but they are becoming more prevalent in South Africa. Historically, there is enough rain to provide crops with sufficient water for strong growth in most years. Over time, there will be years with insufficient rain. It is during these periods that irrigation will really pay off.


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