Is Your Golf Course In Need Of An Irrigation Renovation?

Is Your Golf Course In Need Of An Irrigation Renovation?

Irrigation renovations are becoming a popular subject. It’s strange how a bit of brown turf gets the membership and board’s attention. Many managers have to explain why a single-row system results in soft middles and dry edges.

Golf courses that hold off irrigation improvements for many years are now focused on making improvements. Unfortunately, when it rains, these improvements are forgotten. If you are in need of an irrigation system renovation, make sure to take pictures in order to document how your course looked before.

While your course is covered in brown grass, you may have to do some selling to show the need. One way is with an irrigation system evaluation by an irrigation specialist who will be able to document the good and bad areas of the current system, as well as what improvements will have to be made. However, if the course owner or membership know the system is in need of an upgrade, you are able to skip to the part where you contact an irrigation specialist.

The process of renovating an irrigation system cannot be completed overnight. This takes a lot of planning and input. It also requires accurate costs and not estimates.

Many course owners or clubs prefer to phase in an irrigation renovation for cash-flow reasons. Phasing is a common conversion by many courses, but rarely done due to increased costing. Phasing or not, you will need a system that accounts for the system to be installed in phases. This design includes details on where the installation is going later on so you don’t end up repeating things in a subsequent phase.

Unlike the old times when irrigation systems and pump systems were independent, today’s automation allows the irrigation system and pump systems to communicate and make changes based on what each system is doing.

Renovate your golf courses irrigation system

If you find your golf course is becoming brown and hard, visit TMI Irrigation for more information. Our services include irrigation audits, irrigation installations, technical services and more.


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