Hunter Irrigation

Hunter Irrigation

The TMI group has a range of Hunter Irrigation solutions which are made by Hunter Industries, the leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment for the South African Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural industries. 

Hunter produces pop-up gear-driven rotors, spray sprinklers, valves, controllers, central controllers and weather sensors. Hunter prides itself in innovation that has allowed them to lead the charge in water-saving technologies.


Embrace modern technologies and make use of WiFi-enabled devices to control your irrigation devices remotely and sensor technology to adjust your irrigation to prevailing weather conditions for the most optimal irrigation schedules. 

Hunter products don’t just ensure you have a water-saving set-up but you also maximize the health of your turf and balance the eco-system surrounding it. 

Hunter Industries holds more than 250 product patents and 40 trademarks and conducts business in 125 countries.

Solutions built for:


We are the Sole Distributors of Hunter Golf Irrigation in Sub Saharan Countries and Indian Ocean Islands.

Golf Rotors




Golf Central Control
Pilot command centre software

Pilot Command Center

Pilot integrated HUB Systems

Pilot Integrated HUB Systems

Pilot Field Controller

Pilot Field Controller

Turfweather Station

Turfweather Station

Maintenance Radio

Maintenance Radio

Golf Accessories

ACME Adapter Fittings

Spotshot Nozzle

Spot Shot Hose Nozzle

Hose Swivel Adaptors

Hose Swivel Adapters


Rubber Cover Kits

Swing joint

Golf HSJ Swing Joints

Golf Rotor Tools
Arc Adjustment and Riser hold up tool

Arc Adjustment/Riser Hold-up Tool


Nozzle Removal/Intallation Tool


Valve Insertion/Removal Tool - G800 Series

G900 Valve insertion and removal tool

Valve Insertion/Removal Tool - G900/G90 Series

Golf Long nose plier

Valve & Snap Ring Insertion/Removal Pliers - G800 Series

Valve and snap ring insertion and removal tool

Snap Ring Removal Tool


"T" Handle Tool


Hunter Wrench


Hand Pump


Rotor Pitot Gauge and Tube Assembly


For over 21 years the TMI group has been a leader in bringing commercial irrigation projects to life for private and public sector clients.

Our commitment to sustainability and quality is strong, with the emphasis of our projects being water responsibility and energy efficiency to get your project the most for every rand while helping you do your part for environmental responsibility.

Our technicians bring you turnkey solutions, helping you with your commercial irrigation projects from planning to design and development, project management and finally periodic audits.

We also have a great after-sales support program that helps ensure that your irrigation keeps working optimally, with repairs and maintenance as well as training to ensure your system is run optimally internally.

TMI leverage the latest technologies to help you manage your irrigation with limited input on your part. Technologies such as WiFi controlled rain sensors, soil probes and sprinkler controllers will allow you to make sure your plants are getting enough moisture, without the need for constant input from you.

We have an additional range of products for your landscape such as lighting, pumps and, aerators that we combine with your irrigation to bring you the best landscapes for your commercial properties.

Solutions built for:


TMI can design, supply and maintain home sprinkler and drip irrigation applicators to keep your gardens, lawns and all your landscape well-watered. Because of the high costs of energy and the need to be conservative with our water consumption, TMI Irrigation applies its expertise to install the most efficient irrigation for every application.

Our irrigation technicians bring you 21+ years of TMI irrigation solutions, an experience that we use to help you throughout the lifecycle of your irrigation system for results you can rely on. We partner with Hunter Industries for quality irrigation products with guaranteed results, we put comprehensive warranties on.

We have a range of technologies including soil probes, rain sensors, WiFi irrigation boxes that enable you to make sure you use only the amount of water necessary to keep your plants well-watered without a lot of manual input from you, not only saving you time, water and energy but also ensuring the optimal health of your plants and the ecosystem. Summer or winter, rain or shine, we will have your gardens looking their best.

We help our clients take their water savings further with our rainwater harvesting solutions. Whatever your irrigation needs are for your home, TMI has the answers.