Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is exactly what it sounds like, collecting rainwater when it rains and using that water. South Africans have recently learnt to appreciate and value water as a resource, especially in the Western Cape in the past two years. Due to a strange climate phenomenon, the country has experienced mass droughts and local flooding from the rains. However, these down pours of rain have unfortunately not fallen in the places where they are needed, specifically the rivers and dams.

The Environmental Impact

While the country is experiencing droughts, there is solution to help ease our water usage and keep our water levels safe. In a combined effort with using water carefully, and actively cutting back on your water usage in terms of not using a hose pipe or having long showers, and collecting rain water, we can ensure that there is enough for everyone. Collecting rainwater is a great way to use nature to protect ourselves. By collecting rain water, you are supplying yourself with an external water supply while protecting the shared water supply of the country. This helps us make sure that our farm life and animals do not have to suffer the way it has in the past few years.

Collecting Rainwater

Collecting rainwater is a great way to ensure that we are not wasting water, especially water than other people or animals would need. By collecting rainwater you can use that water for a variety of things such as filling up swimming pools, washing cars and pets, or watering the garden. There are ways of keeping external dirt from ruining the quality of the rain water, and then the water is safe for bathing, cleaning and pretty much everything else! It may be expensive initially; however it will allow you to save money on your monthly bills.

TurfManzi Irrigation

It is most definitely worthwhile getting a water harvesting system for your home or business! Harvesting rainwater is a great way to keep your bills down and keep our water levels high. Get in contact with TurfManzi Irrigation by visiting their website and see how they can help you, and help South Africa!