Restoring Balance, Aeration Systems & How They Improve Your Pond or Lake

Restoring Balance, Aeration Systems & How They Improve Your Pond Or Lake

Imagine one day you walking out to your pond or lake on a beautiful sunny afternoon and the first thing you notice is that unique manky lake smell. Fart like smells and decomposing organics race up your nose. Maybe you even see mats of green pond algae on the surface and surrounding edge or your precious koi fish gulping for fresh oxygen at the surface. Hopefully you have found the problem before all your fish floating on the surface. The villain is most probably a lack of dissolved oxygen in your lake. Proper aeration can help clear out all these problems in one quick and helpful installation of a surface aerating pond fountain or a bottom aerating compressor to rid of any potential algae growth.

Firstly, let’s sort out that smell that thumped you in the face. This is caused by anaerobic bacteria actively working without oxygen to break down organics gathered up on the bottom of the lake or pond. These bacteria create waste gas which slowly bubbles up from the rotten leaves and fish making its way to your nose. A well designed large sized pond aeration system works to prevent this problem by providing oxygen to the bottom thus removing the bacteria from anaerobic to aerobic. These aerobic kinds decompose organic matter creating harmless and odorless carbon dioxide waste gases. The aerobic bacteria also work much quicker than their anaerobic opposite and can pull nutrients like phosphorous from the water and make it unobtainable for algae to use and take over a dam or lake.

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