Saving Water on Irrigation Systems

Saving Water On Irrigation Systems

As we move through the 21st century, human society is becoming increasingly aware of the need to use our natural resources sparingly. Water, is one such commodity that requires our attention when it comes to frugality. We all have a responsibility to the environment, and finding the right way to use your turf irrigation system will ensure that you play your part in preserving water.

Understanding Watering Zones

When irrigation systems are installed, they are generally done so according to zones.  The average setup will use four or more to separate areas that need different levels of water. When planning your irrigation system, consider which plants will require more water than others, and set it out accordingly to ensure that every drop of water goes to where it is beneficial.

Calibrating Your Turf Irrigation Systems

Depending on your location and climate, your irrigation system will need to provide varying levels of water. Figuring out these requirements and adjusting the system to provide only what is needed, is an important part of calibrating the system. This will ensure that your turf irrigation system uses only the amount of water that your land needs.

Knowing the Best Times to Water

Certain times of day are more ideal for watering than others. This is because of the way that heat and sun evaporates water.

There are two times a day that are considered ideal for watering, and it’s when the heat of the sun is at its lowest. The first is in the morning, while the next best is in the evening. Avoid watering between 11am and 3pm if you can, since much of that water will find its way into the atmosphere instead of on your land.

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