Sprinkler Systems and the Change of Season

Sprinkler Systems And The Change Of Season

During the summer months, turf irrigation systems present few challenges when using them. The climate is just right for them to work as expected, ensuring that your lawn thrives through the heat of the summer months. Though as the seasons come to a change, you will be using them less. And as winter approaches, the expected dips in temperature will make things a little more difficult for you. This calls for a particular approach to ensuring that your system keeps working as the seasons change, and here’s what you can do to ensure that you do it properly.

Winterising your Turf Irrigation System

When the cold hits, the water in your sprinkler system is liable to freeze over. When this happens, it expands within the pipes and may cause severe damage to them, significantly reducing their lifespan. This does depend on whether or not temperatures fall to below-freezing, but such turns in the weather may come without warning.

Because of this, it is important to exact a little preventative maintenance before the turn of the season. In Autumn, you should use compressed air to remove all excess water from your turf irrigation system to ensure that there is nothing inside that could freeze when winter arrives.

Mid-Season Maintenance in Summertime

We still have a bit of summer to go, with unexpected temperature fluctuations on the horizon; which means that now is a good time for mid-season maintenance. Take some time, as we move through summer, to inspect sprinkler heads for blockages, and ensure that rotators are still turning like they should. Now is also the time to conduct any repairs your system might need, to ensure that your lawn doesn’t go without water in the summer heat.

When Spring Arrives

After a long winter, take care not to jump right into starting your sprinkler or turf irrigation system up. Check the whole system first to ensure that winter didn’t exact any serious tolls on it. Next, water each zone separately to check whether or not all of them are performing as they should.

Turn the water valve on slowly so that excessive pressure surges don’t cause any damage to pipes and fittings.

Contact TMI Irrigation for Details

The best way to ensure that your irrigation system gets the most out of its lifespan, is to invest in one that you know is of a high quality and is carefully installed by a professional. Contact us here at TMI Irrigation, or visit our website for details on turf irrigation solutions.

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