The FX Luminaire Difference

The FX Luminaire Difference

There are many ways to enhance the landscape outside of your home or business, and one such way comes in the form of lighting. LED landscape lighting can make a dramatic difference to the mood and themes of your landscapes, particularly when a specialised and customisable approach is taken.

The FX Liminaire lighting system offered by our team at TMI Irrigation is the perfect solution for doing just that, and it comes with a collection of highly specialised features that give you the control over your lighting to enhance your landscapes dramatically.

Customised Lighting Zones

The FX Luminaire allows you to assign up to 250 different lighting zones in your garden or landscape, allowing you to control each one independently. These can also be integrated with many leading brands of smart-home controllers so that each can seamlessly be customised.

An Impressive Colour Spectrum

The FX Luminaire system allows you to customise your lighting colours to span between an impressive spectrum of 30 000 colours using LED RGBW technology. This allows each lighting zone to have a completely unique theme, and those themes can also be changed manually, or according to a schedule.

Fully Programmable

The FX Luminaire system is fully customisable and gives you fingertip control over lighting and schedules. You can select between dimming intensities of between 1 and 100% to create the perfect mood, switch between an assortment of colours and set up calendar-based schedules using the device itself.

You can even use the Luxor app on a mobile device such as a smart-phone to interact with the device from anywhere in your home, if you have available wireless connections.

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If you would like to know more about our offers on the FX Luminaire lighting control system, feel free to get into contact with a representative from TMI Irrigation today, or visit our website for details.