The TMI Solutions Partner Ecosystem

The TMI Solutions Partner Ecosystem

At TMI Irrigation, we partner with the biggest brands in our industry to help us bring you the best service. Our partner ecosystem consists of aeration, irrigation, landscape lighting, and pump brands that share our philosophy.

Our goal is to partner with brands that bring our clients not only affordability but also sustainability. For 21+ years, we have managed to be industry leaders because we keep the company of other technology leaders.

Our partnerships across our different markets consist of;


Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries is our partner in the irrigation market. For 40+ years, Hunter Industries has been an innovator in the irrigation and sprinkler sector, bringing bespoke solutions for irrigation professionals, the golf sector and homeowners alike.

TMI Solutions is an accredited solutions provider for Hunter Industries, with turnkey solutions for our clients from the planning stage all the way to servicing and maintenance of irrigation and sprinkler systems.


As a Distributor, we have access to Hunter products and solutions including rotors, sprays, nozzles, valves, controllers and many more items in the Hunter catalog at discounted prices. This allows us to provide these items to our clients at a rate they would get them at the source.

It is because of this that we have built a fully stocked online store with over 200 Hunter products, and products from our other partners to help you access the best range without moving an inch. If online shopping is not your style, you can also make your way to our Western Cape or Gauteng locations to access these products.


Senninger Irrigation

Senninger Irrigation is a subsidiary of Hunter Industries specialising in agricultural irrigation. Through our distribution with Senninger, TMI Solutions is able to bring our clients comprehensive irrigation solutions in all forms of agriculture and horticulture including overhead irrigation, drip irrigation, micro-irrigation, and surface irrigation systems.

Thanks to Senninger’s Wobbler technology, TMI Solutions provides farmers with frost protection irrigation solutions. While frost can significantly impact the yields of farmers, traditional frost protection such as heaters and other electrical equipment can be uneconomic to install and maintain.


Wobbler technology can be used to protect plants, fruits and ornamentals from cold weather that can damage plant tissue and cells negatively affecting your yields. Wobbler technology is applied via your overhead sprinkler system, which runs more economically and results in less pollution than heating systems.

Our irrigation can help protect against Black Frost, also known as Advection Frost or Windy Frost brought on by cold air masses (cold fronts moving into your area).



Otterbine Barebo

Otterbine Barebo is a leading manufacturer of pond, lake and dam aerators and fountains. As a sole agent & distributor of Otterbine, we are able to ensure healthy and beautiful water bodies of any size.

Otterbine solutions span a number of industries, allowing us to service the agricultural, commercial, residential, industrial, golf, park and recreation, and municipal institutions. All this is done with over 60 years of experience.


Otterbine lends us the expertise to beautify and clean up any waterway for a balanced ecosystem that promotes the growth of flora and fauna and creates a relaxed environment. The Otterbine range of products includes aerators, aerating fountains, and giant fountains.

Otterbine products combine style and functionality and TMI Solutions leverages the Otterbine difference to help you achieve both a good look and a clean system affordably and sustainably.


FX Luminaire

FX Luminaire, a subsidiary of Hunter Industries is a leading manufacturer of landscape lighting solutions. TMI Solutions is the sole agent & distributor for FX Luminaire for Sub-Saharan Africa. We are the go-to supplier for custom lighting fixtures and solutions for the commercial, industrial and residential industries.


We produce leading LED lighting technology applications with digital lighting control that allows for zoning, dimming and colour adjustment capabilities. When you take advantage of our superior LED lighting technologies, you are able to enjoy more efficiency, reduced heat, reduced energy consumption, and an extended lifespan for your fixtures.


TMI Solutions provides clients with a number of fixtures including up lights, path and area lights, wall and step lights, down lights, well lights, and underwater and speciality lights as well as lighting accessories. We also have a range of power and control technologies for running your lighting systems.