TMI Solutions, Your Partner For A Drought Prone Country

TMI Solutions, Your Partner For A Drought Prone Country

Drought Prone Country

As a company, TMI Solutions specializes in water-centric products, and this can be a bit of a challenge in a water-scarce country. The truth is, wherever you are, and whatever line of business you are in, you are in a drought-prone country and there is more you could be doing to save water. 


Be it irrigation, pumps, or aeration and fountains, water is at the centre of what we do. Water scarcity not only threatens the viability of our products but opens an opportunity to be a leader in sustainability. As a result, we have built a number of products that help our clients navigate drought-prone regions and thrive in times of low water. 


Additionally, we have also built into our systems a culture of sustainability that compliments our products to make us a true force to be reckoned with when it comes to making the least water achieve the most. 

So if you are living in a drought-prone region, or like us you are just concerned about the future of the planet, here is why TMI solutions should be your partner of choice.


Irrigation Maintenance, Water Management & Audits

Overwatering is a serious problem in agriculture. It not only fails to make the optimum use of a very limited resource, water, but also has a negative impact on your yields. Overwatering not only affects your current yields but also impacts future yields but damages soil balance. 

This is why in addition to the best designed and installed irrigation systems, as well as technical training support to ensure these systems are run optimally, we offer our clients 3 services that are pivotal to an efficient irrigation set-up that avoids overwatering. 


Our maintenance service ensures that your system runs efficiently, not only saving precious water resources but also energy consumption. A well-maintained system can save up to 10% across the board. 

If you are wondering if your current system is efficient, then we have a solution for you. Our irrigation audits are performed by our expert team and will not only outline current inefficiencies in the system but make suggestions for future improvements. 


Finally, our ultimate tool in the fight against overwatering is irrigation water management. It includes a complete set of instruments at the cutting edge of technology to ensure your irrigation gets the exact amount of water it needs, not a drop more. 

Our rain and soil sensors measure current and anticipated moisture in the ground to determine how much water will be needed to maintain optimal irrigation. This is combined with Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled remote monitoring and control technology to allow our experts to make the most of this information and give you the best results from your irrigation. 


Rain Water Harvesting And Storage

If you are water conscious like us, you must at some point have opened your tap to water your garden and felt like it was a waste to use that water to grow your plants. Your municipality could agree with you. 

Rainwater harvesting could be a solution for you, not only to save you money on your water bill but also to secure your water supply in an insecure region. Our solutions can be applied to a multitude of needs, residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. 


Your harvested water need not only be for non-essential use but can be applied to essential needs like drinking water. Depending on your needs, your rainwater harvesting storage solutions will differ also. 

While for a residential application a suitable tank system, which we are proud suppliers of, would be sufficient, for agricultural purposes, something larger like a pond or lake could be more appropriate. Regardless of your needs, we have the requisite pump solutions to build you a pump station to get your water where it is needed. 


Waste Water Recycling For Drought Prone Regions

Wastewater treatment is a sustainable way of ensuring water supply for various purposes. Although used for non-essential water needs such as irrigation, it has been employed in times of strained water supplies for essential usage such as drinking water.

Waste Wastewater recycling can be taken advantage of at any level, residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal and TMI Solutions has solutions designed for each sector.

 We can build water recycling stations specific to your needs in terms of collection of recycling water and distribution of the recycled water. 


Borehole Water Solutions

Boreholes are a tried and tested method of supplying water for various purposes and can be useful under a number of circumstances, including drought-prone regions with unreliable supplies. 

Though counterintuitive, boreholes do work in periods of drought, because they rely on groundwater, not surface water, which can still be tapped into in periods of long rain. TMI Solutions provides clients with borehole and submersible pumps that would allow you to tap deep into the water table and get access to water even as water sources continue to dwindle. 

Our pumps can be solar-powered, allowing you access to reliable water in remote areas that may not have electrical connections, which tend to be most affected by severe drought episodes.


Water Pressure Solutions In Drought Prone Regions

Living in an area with scarce water supplies can mean a challenge in delivering water efficiently for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. TMI solutions has pump solutions to ensure comfortable water supply pressure, whether you are drawing water from a source with a low supply or you are drawing your water from a long distance. 


With our booster pumps, you can increase the pressure of water supplied to any building even when faced with the challenge of supplying water from a low-pressure source. We also assist our clients with the construction of pump stations. 


These can be used to aid in the supply of water from distant sources. They can also be combined with our rainwater harvesting solutions to build a locally sustainable water supply ecosystem to meet all your water needs without putting a strain on your municipal supply, or just giving you peace of mind when the water supply is unreliable.


Combating The Sources Of Droughts

Combating the plight of drought prone regions and securing the future of our planet is not just about finding solutions for current water scarcity. As a planet we stand at the precipice of irreversible planetary damage that could see future generations live not in a drought prone continent but in an entirely waterless one. 

As a result, we are not only charged with not only adopting sustainability to stretch the limitations of available resources for our current survival but also to reverse the effects of what we have already done, which is not an easy task. 


One notable way of achieving this is embracing green technologies, particularly in the areas of energy. This is most important in industries that require large energy inputs for their operations.

 Our industries, aeration, irrigation, landscape lighting, and pump solutions tend to be some of the highest energy consumers where they are applied, and we miss no opportunity to make our mark in these efforts. 


We partner with the best brands around the world that are at the cutting edge of technology, pioneering products that set standards for energy-efficient technologies in all our markets. We also embrace alternative technologies. We provide our clients with greener power alternatives for our installations such as solar. 

With these efforts, we are not only hoping to secure the needs of the current generation but perhaps leave a greener planet for the future as well.