Turf that is ‘Match Day’ Ready

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There is so much excitement when it comes to ‘match day’ between schools. Hours of practice have lead up to this, school spirits are high and few things can be as satisfactory as the school pride that comes with beating a rival school fairly and squarely.

Parents watch with pride as their children excel at the sport they are good at and generally, the smell of boerewors rolls fill the air as green scenery fills the line of sight everywhere.

Taking Care of Turf

Imagine if the turf wasn’t green or well-kept? It would be an embarrassment to the hosting school, set a fairly depressing tone for the day and negatively affect sports performance. Of more importance than aesthetic appeal, turf maintenance serves the purpose of creating a safe surface for athletes to use. As such, sports grounds need to be well taken care of in terms of pest and soil management and they need to be well equipped with sufficient turf irrigation systems.

Grasses and their Care

There are many different kinds of grasses that can be used to create a sports field, and as all other plants, they require different care. The best course of action is to set a regular maintenance schedule in order to keep your grass at its optimum. This maintenance schedule should include mowing routines, fertilization as well as irrigation.


Irrigation is vital for your turf to maintain its green look as well as the optimum surface density so that it is not too soft that traction cannot be gained, but also not too hard that the chances of more injuries being sustained are increased. Having a well thought out irrigation plan and schedule can save you money, time and complaints.

Irrigation that Considers the Environment

The planet is losing precious resources like water at an alarming rate; as such, its conservation needs to be escalated. Certain turf irrigation solutions look to alternative water sources that can help save drinking water whilst still irrigating your sports fields beautifully. For more information, contact TMI Irrigation or visit their website.

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