TurfManzi And Their Love Of Irrigation

TurfManzi And Their Love Of Irrigation

What Are The Benefits Of Irrigation Systems?


Water is not a commodity we should use without care. As our earth changes and adapts it is becoming more and more vital to try and conserve water usage as much as possible.


Irrigation Systems Monitoring ensures that your business is not wasting huge amounts of water. Wasting water is not only bad for our overall water supply, but also a huge cost problem for businesses who use water daily.


Saving Your Water And Money


With handheld water devices wasting a large portion of the water being used, it’s no wonder why irrigation solutions businesses, such as TurfManzi, have started implementing irrigation systems which are timed to perfection. These systems only use what is necessary for a specific area. A smart choice for your pocket.

The automation process of these irrigation systems means that less time has to be put into the watering of your various areas, leaving more time to focus on other sections of your business.


Minimising Weed Growth


Another factor of businesses dealing with large grass spaces is the need to exterminate weeds. Weeds spread fast and over a long distance, ruining the health of your grass, as well as decreasing the overall aesthetic of your location.


TurfManzi provides landscape irrigation, which combined with their various tests, helps in attacking the source of the problem, going for the roots instead of simply covering the entire grass space.


Promoting Plant Growth

By prioritising the amount of time you water your location, and not how much water you use on that location, you will be able to see huge amounts of positive changes in the amount of vegetation growth.


TurfManzi, Irrigation Solutions Cape Town, can assist you in planning out the specific needs of your business. Having an irrigation system in the first place will definitely improve your grass filled area, however, by going the extra mile and finding the best solutions for your business, TurfManzi wants to see the irrigation benefiting you in the long run.


Preserves Soil Nutrients

Having an irrigation system which works for you, using Irrigation Systems Monitoring, will serve you in the present and the future. As your grass is being properly nurtured, the soil is able to gain some valuable nutrients, promoting even more growth, reducing erosion and improving the overall look and feel of the grass.


While these facts about irrigation systems and their benefits are interesting and do provide you with insight, what can TurfManzi do for your business?


TurfManzi Irrigation


TurfManzi has been providing businesses throughout South Africa with the highest quality turf irrigation service, since before the turn of the new century.


Landscape Irrigation Cape town, is but only one of the services TurfManzi have available to their clients.


TurfManzi provides irrigation solutions, which means they will analyse the current state of your irrigation, and suggest new ways of providing water to your grass.


The goal is to ensure that your business is getting the most out of your irrigation systems, while also cutting costs.


TurfManzi has since been able to grow and develop their landscape turf irrigation business, expanding over nation lines into countries in Sub Saharan Africa.


While expanding and developing their brand, TurfManzi has also been able to dive into integrating new ways of irrigation, in order to not only decrease their client’s expenditure but also decrease their own environmental impact, since water is such a precious resource.

Irrigation Systems Monitoring has allowed TurfManzi the opportunity to maximise on their preexisting systems and solutions, and also track exactly how they can evolve irrigation systems to best serve our planet.


The amount of experience TurfManzi and their employees have in landscape and irrigation solutions mean that you can rest assured that your business will be able to see fast and efficient results in the health and aesthetics of your location.

Having said this, TurfManzi finds opportunity in looking at new innovations in irrigation and irrigation systems. With more precision and better results, TurfManzi, your business, and your clients will be fully satisfied.


TurfManzi’s Markets


TurfManzi’s devotion to installing top-notch irrigation systems into all of their client’s areas doesn’t stop there. They are committed to improving and upgrading your original systems, as the objective is to always maximise the potential of your business.

Golf Course Irrigation

The grass is absolutely essential for any golf course business. The ability to have year-round green and healthy grass may seem impossible, but with the right irrigation systems in place, TurfManzi has made it a possibility.


Marrying this landscape irrigation with the constant cutting of the grass, keeping it short, promotes growth and helps in keeping the grass green.


Golf course grass maintenance is an important practice as the healthier the plant is, the better aesthetic your golf course has, and your reputation will increase easily. Having a dry or soggy course ruins the experience of your customers.


Incorrectly watered grass can lead to all kinds of issues such as the spread of algae, build-up of diseases, and the possible death of the grass.


TurfManzi knows that too much or too little water to the grass will lead to a lot of problems. Irrigation Systems Monitoring allows for automation to turn the irrigation system on and off, for the perfect amount of time, and at periods when water costs are at its lowest.


Turf and Landscape Irrigation

TurfManzi is dedicated to the improvement of your location regardless if you’re a big business or small one. Without of this world landscape irrigation techniques, TurfManzi can ensure your gardens or city spaces are lavish and promote the nature around us.

Other types of irrigation services TurfManzi provides are:

  • Sport-field Irrigation
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Astroturf Wet based Irrigation
  • Dust suppression
  • Green Wall & Indoor Irrigation
  • Central Control Irrigation Software
  • Smart Irrigation Software
  • Boreholes
  • Pump stations
  • Water purification plants
  • Greywater systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • Water Recycling Systems
  • Storage tanks and reservoirs



Key Benefits of TurfManzi’s Design and Project Management


TurfManzi has obtained an immense amount of knowledge in their area of expertise. Always trying to find solutions in order to get the most out of your irrigation systems, TurfManzi has dedicated time and effort into understanding what goes into improving your landscape.

TurfManzi dedicates time into examining your situation in terms of available water sources, total irrigation area, estimated water usage and peak water demand.

What this does is give TurfManzi an understanding into what exactly is the best system and approach to take for the most optimum results.

The reduction of costs is also something which is focused on because TurfManzi believes that helping you help yourself is the best answer, as a decrease in water usage helps your business and the environment simultaneously.

Using Irrigation Systems Monitoring has become a lot easier as TurfManzi design and implement all of their irrigation systems on a software basis, and so are able to constantly monitor the best approach for your location.

The right irrigation , which fits your area and cost needs, will be installed, where the irrigation solutions will be administered and the positive development can begin.

Among the installation of your new irrigation system, TurfManzi also provides the option of alternative energy solutions, which works together with their attempt in decreasing water consumption, helping the environment.

Irrigation Audits


As mentioned before, high levels of water consumption waste money which could be used to improve other key areas of your business. Another factor is that using large amounts of water is detrimental to our environmental conservation efforts.

If you want your business to work with a landscape irrigation service who is serious about saving you money, and serious about helping to save our planet, then TurfManzi is the landscape and irrigation solutions specialists for you.

Amidst the services detailed above, there is a whole host of other services within the bracket of auditing.

This includes system hydraulic analysis, which indicates where pressure surges will occur and then developing the hydraulic systems in a way which protects the overall configuration.

Design parameters, which means plotting enough space for specific systems to fit, as well as the specific design which is best suited for space, and at the best price.

Infilled system maintenance allows for preexisting systems to be worked on, which may, in fact, indicate any faulty parts or leakages, which will also help decrease the cost of consumption.

Recommendations on short term as well as long term risk, which will indicate how you can go about trying to prevent risk within the present and future, saving you more money.

Costing to reduce risk is also an important service provided as it is an active approach into trying to limit or altogether eliminate problems occurring which could hit your finances hard.

Your business can gain a lot from these irrigation audits, such as improving your system’s quality, decreasing the amount of water usage, prompting a healthier environment, a reduction in the number of pesticides and fungi in the area, and the saving of water and assets.


With fully trained, highly experienced staff, TurfManzi’s landscape irrigation service is more than willing to engage in complicated situations to find the most beneficial solutions for your needs.


The industry connections that TurfManzi has made over the years has made it easier for them to provide top quality systems.


Technical Services


Moving their business into other regions in Sub-Saharan Africa, TurfManzi understands that they need to ensure their clients are able to receive the exact same high-quality assistance as clients in South Africa.


Therefore, TurfManzi has introduced qualified staff into the area for any queries or assistance needed.


With state of the art irrigation systems monitoring, besides their OEM trained employees, and the fact that there are no third parties between staff and design engineers, TurfManzi has built a business that wants to be a part of all of the different phases of your irrigation installation.


Irrigation System Installations


With highly trained staff, who supply their on-field experience into the efficiency within the time it takes for the installation to be completed, as well as the low maintenance needed after installation due to the high quality of products used, TurfManzi is working hard to make your experience the best it can be.



The products used by TurfManzi are Hunter Irrigation Systems, Fx Luminaire and Otterbine Barebo, which all work in conjunction with one another in providing the best overall system for the growth and development of healthy grass and vegetation on your landscape.


Why Choose TurfManzi?


TurfManzi is not just an irrigation service. The business is proud to be involved in a large number of the facets which all come together to provide the best experience for your clients.


Importantly, whether it be in South Africa, or Sub-Saharan Africa, TurfManzi is devoted to ensuring that you are able to get the most out of your money.


From the installation of their various systems to analysing any risks that may cause issues, monitoring the best and cheapest ways to use your irrigation systems, and more, it’s clear to see why TurfManzi is an industry leader.


TurfManzi is not only proving you with top quality systems and service, but they take it a step further by looking at any possibilities of decreasing the amount of money you are spending on irrigation.


A major plus is that TurfManzi is also placing themselves into pushing to find new and innovative ways of using water in irrigation systems. The main reason for this is that TurfManzi is hellbent on helping save our water and environment.


Contact TurfManzi for Details on Their High-Quality Irrigation



TurfManzi wants to grow a healthy relationship with your business while growing healthy grass and vegetation on your landscape. If you’re looking for a business who takes irrigation seriously, then Contact TMI today for further details.