What Happens in an Irrigation Audit

What Happens In An Irrigation Audit

The primary goal of an irrigation auditor is to collect data, verify that current systems are working and identify ways in which water could be used or circulated more efficiently. With TurfManzi, we guarantee you will notice immediate savings in your water bill as well as a healthier landscape and turf!

But why should you get an irrigation audit if you have a system in place already?
Water resources are vulnerable and scarce in many areas across South Africa, which is why maintaining an efficient irrigation system could be argued to be more than a good investment – it is a responsibility any landowner, manager or caretaker needs to undertake. An audit could provide you with the option to convert to a more optimised system by reducing over (or under-watering), and ensuring a healthier ecosystem by decreasing pesticides and fungicides.

During the audit, the auditor will:

  • Analyse your water requirements according to the site’s particular conditions using a system hydraulic analysis.
  • Put together one, or several irrigation schedules based on these requirements, as well as the availability of water to the area.
  • Take note of and make maintenance recommendations that are more reliable and cost-effective than current systems.
  • Determine short term, and long term risk associated with current systems, while also protecting the potential savings to be made from these recommendations.

Some additional observances during the audit will include monitoring the wind speed, water pressure in various areas or the turf, head locations, head spacing, soil types, root zone depths and meter readings where available.

High water usage has a negative effect on budgets and the environment. Irrigation audits can be performed every three to five years – or even annually in certain areas. Regular audits ensure the longevity of your landscape, sports field, Green Wall & Indoor Irrigation and more!

TurfManzi Irrigation installs new irrigation and pump systems and performs upgrades and optimisations of existing systems – all while helping you stick to your budget!

We offer services for boreholes, golf course irrigation and more.

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