Why You Should Be Recycling Water

Recycling Water

Rainwater is something of a scarce resource in the past two years. With us having little rain and little water left in a few of our national water supplies. This has left us looking for new means of water to help us get through our daily water requirements. One thing this natural disaster has done is unite the South African people, and they have shown great care and selflessness towards each other. It has taught us a valuable lesson that water is a precious resource and we need to use it wisely all the time.

Strain on the Water Supply

South Africa has many, many people living here, citizens, tourists, and illegal immigrants seeking refuge and a better future. That is a lot of people to take care of and hydrate. We do not realise how much water we use and think we need until we are told to use less water. There are so many things that require large amounts of water and if there is no water to replace the water we are using, the results can be quite dangerous. We must remember that many people who need to bathe, wash clothes, water crops, keep their livestock hydrated and of course keeping ourselves healthy and hydrated.

Saving Water

It is no secret that we all need to watch our use of water, and ensure that we never have a problem this severe again. Thankfully there are ways to save water, such as keeping our swimming pools covered so they do not empty as quickly, turning the tap off while you’re not using it, and have quick showers instead of baths, and using a watering can to water the garden instead of the hose pipe.

Grey Water Recycling

There is another way to save on our water expenditure, and that is to install a grey water recycling system. The grey water system collects used household water from basins, baths and showers, and recycles it to use in the garden instead of using a hosepipe and sprinklers to keep your garden looking beautiful and thriving, without taking ground water, and alleviating stress and pressure on our general water supply. By more people installing these systems, and getting twice the water usage from their regular use, the more the country’s water supply will benefit.

TurfManzi Irrigation

It is definitely a worthwhile investment for your water bills, as well as for the future of the country’s water supply. The drought will eventually end, but we have a responsibility to learn from this lesson. Visit TurfManzi Irrigation to get more information about a grey water recycling system for your home or business.